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Friends of the Aliso Viejo Library (FAVL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to strengthening and promoting library programs. The board meets one Saturday morning, every second month, in the Community Room. Comprised of a wide age range of ages and professional backgrounds, we are considered one of youngest Friends boards in Orange County. Our board is elected on an annual basis each June, but we welcome potential new members all year round. If your goals and volunteer spirit are in line with ours, please e-mail your resume and a brief introduction to boardmembers@friendsavlibrary.com, and a current board member will reach out to answer your questions and invite you to attend the next board meeting.

Board of Directors Positions and Descriptions


To facilitate changes in the overall working of the Friends of the Library group, and promote forward thinking and progress. To organize individuals to complete various tasks, including fundraising, community involvement, program funding, and decisions that benefit the library and local community at large. To follow the rules and regulations as set forth in the original By Laws governing the nonprofit organization. This position should have someone that is forward thinker, a decision maker, and is organized.


To lead the board in the circumstance that the President cannot complete their term. To oversee the Friends Bookstore and its maintenance/staff of volunteers, and work with each of the managers to ensure they are fulfilling their outlined duties. The VP will outline volunteer job descriptions for the bookstore and the board. To follow the rules and regulations as set forth in the original By Laws governing the nonprofit organization. This individual should have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and be able to make quick decisions regarding bookstore issues that may arise.


To record and distribute the minutes and financials of each meeting of the Board of Directors. To follow the rules and regulations as set forth in the original By Laws governing the nonprofit organization. This person should have strong writing skills, social media/technology skills, and the ability to condense information based on relevance.


To obtain from the Library the requested checks for items to be approved and purchased by the Friends. To manage a secure accounting system for profit and loss/check requisitions. To work in conjunction with the certified accountant, and  ensure all paperwork is stored annually in three places: The accountants office, soft copy on disk in the bookstore in a secured filing cabinet, and the hard copy in a notebook also stored in the bookstore in a different secured filing cabinet. To follow the rules and regulations as set forth in the original By Laws governing the nonprofit organization. To follow and make sure that the group aligns to the rules and regulations as set forth by the Attorney General’s office of California. This position requires strong accounting skills, word processing skills, and Quickbooks knowledge.

Members At Large

Members may include: Event Hospitality Chairman, Fundraising Chairman, Publicity chairman, the Weekly Rotating bookstore Managers, and any Bookstore Volunteers of interest. This position is open to any volunteers who would like to commit to a one year term, to set goals and decisions that benefit the library overall. Attendance is required at each board meeting. Hours per month range from 2-8,depending on elected role. All positions have a responsibility to the library that consists of loyalty, obedience, and duty of care. Members should be faithful to the mission and goals of FAVL to support the library in making decisions of benefit to both the library and the Aliso Viejo community.

Please note that financial documents can be provided upon request.  Please email boardmembers@Friendsavlibrary.com.

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